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What is Mokazine?

Mokazine is an advanced system that allows you to turn your PDF files into interactive publications, adding to the pages video , photographs, detailed text, downloads and much more.



What devices are compatible?

Mokazine, Which doesn't use technologies such as Flash, is compatible with all major devices, including PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, etc..



Can you see the publications offline?

Yes, you can download and read the publications on your ipad. Download the app by going to the "iPad" page and try it now.



Is using Mokazine difficult?

No way! It's easy! All you have to do is upload a PDF file and Mokazine will immediately convert it into a browsable publication. Then you'll have the ability to add interactivity to your pages with just a few clicks.



How much does Mokazine cost?

Mokazine is free! You can create as many interactive publications as you want without paying any subscription. You can also subscribe to our Premium plans to use all the advanced features.



Can I remove the advertising?

It is possible to avoid publicity ads on your publications by upgrading your membership to a paid plan. Go to our Premium page page for more information.



Is it possible to create publications for private use?

Of course! In the online version, when you create a publication, you can specify a password. Only those who know the password will see the publication. For the offline version of ipad you can create as many users as you want (with a username and password) indicating which publications they can download and read.



Where are the publications saved?

All media files of the publications are stored on the S3 Amazon servers, which are able to guarantee a high function performance.



How can I customize my publications?

You can customize pages within some subscriptions, (see the Premium page) changing the skin of your publications and allow you to modify the logo, background, arrows, etc..


Do you need any more information?

Contact us by filling out the form on the contact page or register for free and discover how easy Mokazine is to use. In addition, if you own an iPad, download the Mokazine appand enjoy offline browsing.