Welcome to Mokazine!


Turn your pdfs into interactive publications

Mokazine allows you to convert a PDF into a publication containing interactive videos, photo galleries, links and much more in a few simple steps, without the need to install any software on your computer.


Publish on your site

Through a few lines of HTML code to insert in your pages, the interactive publications will be visible within your site. You will also have the opportunity to choose whether to insert the publications within Mokazine's gallery, for maximum visibility, with the option to protect your chosen confidential documents with a password.


Accessibility to all devices.

Mokazine is compatible with PC, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry web browsers. Your publications will be available everywhere, easily viewable by everyone or whoever you want.


Add interactive elements

You can insert icons and boxes on each page that can display video, photo galleries and much more, such as maps, links, downloads, optimized texts for reading.


Offline on your iPad

Would you like it if your publications were always available on your iPad or on that of your co-workers even when there is no internet service? No problem, with the Mokazine application for iPad you can safely download your publications and view them offline at any time, including all the interactive elements and multimedia, such as video. The ideal solution to deploy your interactive catalogues to your sales network, for example.


Customize the graphics

Mokazine enables you to customize the graphic skin of the publications and allows you to insert your logo and modify many interface elements to make your publication your own.


Customize the index

For each publication you can create a custom index. You can add as many entries as you prefer and link them to which page they are to be connected with. The menu will then be visible to users who access the publication through a simple menu visible on command.


Manage user groups

Create many users want and decide, for each of them, if they can download and read on your ipad publication. This way you can distribute different content to different targets.