Create a HTML5 flipbook with Mokazine!

Would you like to publish a pdf online on your site? Would you like it to be visible on the iPad? Mokazine is the ideal tool to transform your publication in a few clicks into a HTML5 flipbook visible online.

Forget the old style flip book in flash. Mokazine has been made in jquery and is compatible with HTML5 standards. This means that the publications made with Mokazine are visible from browser-equipped mobile devices such as iPad, iPhone, and Android devices.

Mokazine also allows you to add to your HTML5 flipbook interactive browsable elements such as video, audio, image galleries and much more, to make your publications unique and easy to see from any device.

But there's more. Through the Mokazine application for iPad, you can download your publications and view them offline at any time, including all the interactive elements and multimedia, such as video. The ideal solution to share your interactive catalogues with your sales network, for example.

Mokazine is a simple and free tool that allows you to:

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