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With App Mokazine and professional subscription all your content are always available offline to your team
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With the Professional subscription all your content are always available offline on your iPad Downloading the app.
Exploits this feature to distribute your commercial catalogs to your business agents.

Thanks to our management tools, you can create many account (username+password) and decide which publications everyone can consult

Any catalog update will be available in real time on the iPad of the authorized users

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username: demo
password: demo

Create and distribute your pubblication very quickly


Upload a PDF

Thanks to our management tools you can upload your PDF online. Thanks to our software you can convert a PDF into a interactive publication always available online and offline.

Upload a PDF

Create your interactive publication

Add to your pubblication video, photo galleries, text, link, map pin and much more. Thanks to Mokazine you can enrich your pubblications with many additional content

Create your interactive publication

Authorize consultations

Create many different accounts and choose the authorization to consult and download your pubblication on iPad. In this way you can distribute different contents to different user targets

Authorize consultations

Make visible your publication

Enable the download feature and allow users to download your pubblication on their iPad offline

Make visible your publication
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