Review your publications offline

With the Professional version of Mokazine you can also review your publications offline on iPad devices. This feature is ideal if you want to distribute your catalogues in pdf form to agents in your slaes network. Even mp4 videos that you've inserted in the publications are available offline.

Thanks to the management tools on the website, you can create multiple users (each with a username and password) and decide, for each of them, such as which publications can be viewed.

In addition, every time you update your catalogue, the new version will be immediately available on the iPad to all the users who can view it.


Try out the Mokazine app for iPad, using the following data

username: demo
password: demo


To create and distribute a publication on an ipad, just takes a few steps ..


1) Upload a pdf

Through the simple management tools within Mokazine you can choose a PDF file from your computer and upload it online. Automatically, the PDF is converted into a publication available both online and offline.


2) Create an interactive publication

Add to your video publications, photo galleries, detailed text, links, points on a map and much more. Thanks to Mokazine you can make your publications full of additional content.


3) Control who can see the publication

Create as many users as you want and decide, for each of them, if they can download and read publications on an ipad. This way you can distribute different content to different targets.


4) Make the publication visible

Enable the publication for download and allow users that you have created to download the publication and view on their ipad without the need to be connected to the internet